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Who Was Marilou Johnson’s? Cause of death


Marilou Johnson’s death news topic went on social media like Twitter and reddit. Marilou Johnson’s death news is hot topic on web page. In this article we are going to explain you that who is Marilou Johnson’s?

Marilou Johnson's
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Who is Marilou Johnson’s?

Marilou was a widower, and a mom of three boys, Jared, Jerel, and Jason, and her husband had handed away a lot of years sooner than by the battle with most cancers. She met Roger when she was working full time to provide for her sons.

Roger is a millionaire and, he suggested Marilou switch into his 10,000 sq. foot mansion. Marilou was blissful and moved in with him, nonetheless the happiness turned bitter as she went missing on June 15, 2007.

Marilou Johnson’s cause of death

David told police he planned to hold Marilou hostage until Roger paid. He said he was holding a fishing knife when they both slipped over a thing in the trailer and cut him by mistake. Authorities did not trust him, nevertheless, as he could not explain how the six stab wounds came about. David dug the body, covered it in a blanket, tied it with a cord, and throw it in the lake. David has buried a dead possum in Marilou’s sepulcher to renounce a potential corpse dog. 

Marilou Johnson's died
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