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Who Is Sergio Harris? Sergio Harris family details


Sergio Harris’s photos and his family’s reactions are getting attention from everywhere. Because he is one of the victims of the Sacramento shooting. Sergio’s family was waiting for news of his son outside the deadly downtown Sacramento mass shooting scene on Sunday morning .

Sergio harris
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Who is Sergio Harris?

Sergio Harris is a 38 years old man who was killed in a mass shooting in Sacramento, California. He was the father of two small girls. Pamela stated that she had been on the site since 2:30 am with no clues. She said, she received a phone call but not from the cops. She explained everything, what was happened there, she said they are saying they have to wait for the coroner. Coroner my foot, you must inform me of the situation.

Sergio Harris: Age, Photos, Family

Berry Accius is an activist and he could be involved in the shooting that occurred early Sunday in downtown Sacramento. In the gun shooting, six people died on the spot and ten people were injured there. Berry of Sacramento’s Voice of the Youth described the shooting as “chaotic” when he arrived around 2:30 a.m.

Sergio harris
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