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Why do you need insurance?

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Insurance is a way of managing risks. When you buy insurance, you transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company in exchange for a fee, known as the premium. Insurance companies invest the funds securely, so it can grow, and pay out when there’s a claim.

Own a home:

because mortgage lenders need to know your home is protected. It covers you for repairs and replacement of any damage that’s covered in your policy. It provides protection against theft, damage from perils like fire and water, and financial responsibility that could result from a visitor or guest being accidentally injured on your property.

Drive vehicles:

because few people could afford the repairs, health care costs and legal expenses associated with collisions and injuries without coverage. Auto insurance is also a legal requirement.

Maintain your current standard of living:

if you become disabled or have a critical illness. It covers your day-to-day costs and larger expenses like your mortgage while you focus on your health and recovery..

Cover health care costs:

like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care and other health-related items.

Provide for your family :

in the event of a death. There are life insurance options for short and long-term needs that protect your family’s home, mortgage, lifestyle and the cost of post-secondary education for children.

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