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Who Is Sunday09692571?Sunday09692571 trending Video Twitter


In these Era social media is widely used all over the world. People used different apps of social media like Twitter, YouTube and other, for different purposes some used them for learning and some used them for bad purposes. Sunday09692571 is a Twitter account from this account a photo of a model spread on social media without her permission. That model name is Domenica Calarco. People are searching her photo and videos. Her photo are on top trending. In this article we are going to explain who is Domenica Calarco. And who is the owner of Sunday09692571.

Image source Twitter

Who is Sunday09692571

Domenica Calarco is very young model, and actress and makeup artist and content creator from Italy Calarco’s fame had soared even more significant when she revealed her participation in the upcoming season of the legendary Australian television show MAFS 2022. According to sources that she is 28 year old but her exact birth date is not known. She was married but divorced her husband.

Sunday09692571 trending Video

Sunday09692571 is a Twitter account. The owner of this account name is yet not revealed. The owner of this account is known as Sunday09692571. The account spread the video and photo of famous actress without their permission. In these days Domenica Calarco MAFs video is on trending. In this video in a rest room, seems to show the lady taking medication. The photo, which include posted shows the lady in what seems to be a compromising place.

This short video is rapidly spread on social media. This video was watched by 1 million people on YouTube and give 9,000 feedback.

Sunday09692571 video
Image source Twitter

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