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Who is Kay Hansen-why Kay Hansen is trending on social media


Kay Hansen is one of the famous American primarily based mixed martial artists who commenced earning fame after competing in the strawweight preventing Championship UFC. She currently arrived at a opposition in Invicta combating Championships. However this time the famous character isn’t getting interest nowadays for her victory or some other championship, but, nowadays the champion is surrounded by using a few extreme controversy. It’s miles being stated that her video wherein she is engaged in spending private moments is surfacing all around the internet. The video is getting shared on one-of-a-kind social media systems and garnering huge attention. Get more records on Kay Hansen’s trending video.

Who is Kay Hansen-why Kay Hansen is trending on social media
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The video went viral simply after a while it changed into uploaded on the internet, although it is unconfirmed whether or not the video were uploaded intentionally or it was an coincidence. The talk commenced after the fighter be part of the famous paid subscription streaming web site. Recently she left all of her lovers in huge disappointment after losing 3 consecutive bought. All of her enthusiasts are pronouncing that she lost her recognition in the championship as she is more engaged with her streaming website account.

After losing her fights she has come to be one of the distinguished topics of debate at the net. She again continue to be within the headlines after her video went viral on social media. As of now, we are unaware of the content material of her viral video but some of the theories are claiming that the video contained NSFW content, in conjunction with that it’s far being assumed that her video were given trending from her account. The is pretty regular as such sort of video frequently went viral on social media systems and now the well-known MMA fighter end up its victim.

All of her enthusiasts are criticizing her for viral video and even asking the reason for her dawdle performance in her beyond suits. In step with the reviews, Hansen took social media to supply her message and said that it is just beginning she is 22 and it would be 14th worldwide suit. She further says that prevailing and losing are specific aspects of a recreation and we can best practice to win and someday receive the defeat as nicely.

She later apologised all of her fanatics and promised to perform better inside the next game. Hansen raised dealing with grim situation and poisonous surroundings however now she is considered as one of the first-class UFC participant and social media persona.

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