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Watch: Sidney Crosby injury video Goes viral on Twitter and Reddit


In this article we are going to tell about Sidney Crosby.Sidney Crosby injury video Goes trend on twitter and reddit.

Who is Sidney Crosby?

He was born on August 7, 1987, and is 34 years outdated. He at present resides in Canada.

After he started his enjoying profession .

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In the case of his siblings, he has one named Taylor Crosby.

Sidney Crosby
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they had been eradicated with in the sixth inning, and Sidney was gravely injured.

When he was a kid, he decided to make a career in Ice hockey as he loves to play Ice hockey.

He goes to the field and plays Ice hockey all day and night.

Sometimes, he breaks the classes and plays Ice hockey.

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Sidney Crosby injury video

When his turn came to play the game. Somebody has hit him in the leg with the Ice hockey stick .

where he falls to the floor and doesn’t go back to resume the game.

Many say that he got some serious injury on his leg like he broke his bone and fell unconscious.

Maybe that’s the reason he didn’t resume the game.

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Sidney Crosby twitter videos

His short clip leaked on Twitter, many people were spreading rumors that he quit.

His was clearly visible on his face. If you see any kind of statements and rumors then don’t believe them.

There is a lot of anger inside people and they are targeting anyone to get it out.

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