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Watch Bishopsgate attack Three stabbed near London Liverpool Street Station


Bishopsgate stabbed Londoners and commuters have been left after a kn!fe attack in broad daylight in central London today.Police and paramedics dashed to the scene and three people have been hospitalized following the incident.

What happened?

Three people were stabbed and one person was pushed over. Witnesses said the attack happened after someone tried to snatch a phone. It’s prompted a major response from the emergency services – and shocked city workers and visitors.

Where was the attack?

The attack took place on Bishopsgate, a street in the City of London, near Liverpool Street Station. It happened outside the skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate, which is the second tallest building in the UK, after the Shard, in London. A police cordon is now in place at the scene, guarded by City of London police officers.

What have the police said?

The incident took place within the City of London, which has its own police force – seperate from the Met Police.The City of London police force said at 10.19am on Twitter: “We are aware of an incident this morning on Bishopsgate. Our officers are at the scene and the London Ambulance Service (LAS) are in attendance. A cordon is currently in place.”

They then added at 11.29am: “We received reports of three stabbings and a person pushed to the floor on Bishopsgate at 9.46am and officers arrived at the scene at 9.51am.“Three victims were taken by the LAS to a nearby hospital to be treated. This is an ongoing situation, but is not being treated as terror-related. This incident is being treated as a suspected robbery. Investigations are ongoing.”

Has anyone been arrested?

Police say they are looking for two suspects relating to an attempted phone theft.A statement released at 3.08pm read: “Two suspects are being sought as part of the ongoing investigation related to an attempted phone theft and the incident is not being treated as terror-related.“Stopping phone thefts and bringing perpetrators to justice is a priority for the City of London Police. The number of phone snatches is down, due to focused effort including working with colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service last week to make several arrests.”

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