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Elon Musk asks why DOJ hasn’t reveal Jeffrey Epstein’s client list


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The news is about Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.

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Elon Musk FRS born June 28, 1971.Elon is a business magnate and investor. He is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX; angel investor, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and Open AI.

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Elon Musk has questioned why the Department of Justice has not revealed Jeffrey Epstein’s client list. On Saturday, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared a meme on Twitter saying:

“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares”, adding: “Doesn’t that seem odd?”He also said: “Sometimes I think my list of enemies is too short, so…”

He shared an image of a dinosaur, unicorn, dragon, and the text “Epstein/Maxwell client list,” noting that these are “things I’ll never see in my life.

“He questioned why DOJ did not disclose the client list and said it seems no one in the media cares about it.

In the tweet, he also attached a photo that read ‘Things I will never see in my life’, showing a dinosaur, dragon, unicorn and then a fourth image, which said,

‘The Epstein/Maxwell list’.Shortly after posting the tweet, one person called the Tesla boss out, sharing a photo of Musk and Maxwell at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, writing: “Found one.”

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