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British Airways Careers- Job opportunities in British Airways for International candidates 2022

British Airways Careers
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Work location: UK (United Kingdom) Career

Why British Airways:

It is an exciting time for you to join British Airways to grow your skills. There are many opportunities which is open in 2022 for international candidates. British Airways growing global business and route network, transferring the experience to all over the world. They have individuals who care about their customers, safety, style and comfort for the customers.

About British Airways:

Considered to be the busiest airport in the world, Heathrow Airport London is home to over 300 flights a day. It is the most famous airport in the world where people come from all over the world as well as because it is a huge airport where flights from all over the world come. The great thing about British Airways is that it recruits people globally. There are currently people from different regions or from different countries working for British Airways.

The main objective of British Airways is to provide good quality services to the people who are its customers and at the same time to work for the welfare and bright future of those who are working with them. . There are many career development programs for employees which helps to achieve success in future.

Investing in Future:

Loyal and Talented people make British Airways what they want and what they expect from their customers. British Airways to keep the hearts of the customers around the world.

They will be counting to invest in their business, skills and potential, in future they will introduce more operation around the world to expand their business to connect with global leaders and increase their destination. Investments in 73 new aircrafts, which are the best aircraft for customers with new cabins, on board wifi luxury business class.

For more there are many other different ideas in pipeline which provides customers more comfort and relax in their journey.

Embracing the best of Britain:

Customer’s love to fly with British Airways when they true who they are. Customers come to BA to make their journey more beautiful with the Britain culture and nation’s all corner of the globe. Doing things a British Airways the way takes a certain state of mind.

BA not only professional work place in actual BA doesn’t matter where you are from, what is your background, but it isconcentrate on what you are producing for the customers and how you utilize your skills for the welfare and for the safety of the passengers.

British Airways love and support to all candidates who have skills to do something.

Benefits & Rewards:

Employees are feeling very comfortable and proud to work working with British Airways. They give their best for customers and in reward BA providing best benefits to their employees. It is very important to everyone feels for playing their part. That is why British Airways rewards go far beyond a competitive salary. They provide career development programs, shopping discounts, traveling benefits.

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  • Earn

The company will pay you the market competitive price according to the role which you are working.


Be the part of the success of the business bounds will be given to you by the company.

• Flexible

Benefit Scheme New flexible benefit scheme is available for colleagues and it will offer a range of benefits to choose from including life pension by market leading defined contributions. Clinical illness cover, childcare voucher, medical insurance, dental plan and Healthcare cash plan.


The World Staff travel benefits including family travel benefits which is given by the company. One annual free ticket will be reward to employees for holiday after consuming 5 years in company before you will eligible to purchase discount commercial tickets for you and your family.


Concession When you will be the part of this dream airline they will give you for any of the cargo shipment for your own.


British Airways is the comfortable place for employee because they will design different Wellbeing programs for their employees to keep their employees happy and to take advantage in future.


Working Hours Pressure is the natural thing on duty so British Airways plan for the welfare for the employees to make different shifts / working hours. It’s easy to carry work and enjoy to work.

Now it’s time to join British Airways

British Airways Careers

Discover where is your favorite place to work with British Airways.

Here are the different opportunities for you to join the world most famous and leading airline. There are so many different departments in British Airways which offers worldwide employment opportunities. Here you will find the best placement for your future and where you fit in BA. Whether you are experienced or just starting now. Explore your options and see how you can help to create your experience customers looking for.

Cabin Crew

• Pilot

On the Ground

Engineering Talent

On The Ground:

On ground there are so many different jobs for people who are working in aviation field.

Cargo Handling Agent – Clerical

Cargo Handling Agent – Warehouse

Cargo Handling Agent – Warehouse

Cargo Handling Agent (Clerical):

Job Title: Cargo Handling Agent (Warehouses)

Job location: Heathrow Airport (England)

Career area: Cargo and Ground Operations

Salary: Competitive rates

Job Description:


Location: Heathrow Full-time (Permanent)

Salary: £20,764 + shift pay

What you will do as a Ground Handling Agent (Clerical)…

Recipe, inspiration, dispatching freight, completion of documentation and maintenance of all records. Use your abilities to work safely and efficiently for good results, sometimes challenging situations have to be face.

What you needed to be a part of British Airways:

Think conservatively to find a good and practical solution. Ability to work in different shifts earlier morning, night, or evening time to covering 24 hour in a day all year around. Excellent communication skills and good standard writing, speaking and understanding English language.

Please carefully see this video by clicking on it https://www.iagcargo.com/en/careers/ to understand what is the role of a Cargo and Ground Operations Agent.

Documentations and Requirements:

Please note for now you must need to upload all required documents in supporting documents section for application. You will need to upload all documents separately.

• To provide your right to live and work In UK you will need upload one of these documents.

o. Color copy of your passport. (full photo page of your current passport if you are Non- European you must have visa which gives you right to work within UK. Your passport unrestricted to travel all over the world).

o. Birth certificate with the photo ID, e.g. a photo driving license (UK issued only)

o. Proof of National insurance (UK only)

o. Beneficial statement, Child Benefit, Pension (last 3 months valid)

o. Council Tax Statement (issued in last 3 months)

o. European National ID cards.

Apply Now

Information about International Candidates:

Would you like to part of world’s leading Aviation Services Company in London (British Airways). They Welcome all applications from all candidates but there are some UK Government rules on the type of the role on which you are applying for sponsorship or immigration benefits. So check the below before submitting your application.

Types of hiring:

Experienced Hiring:

There are some exemption for the qualify for the skilled or experienced professional visa, minimum salary requirements to qualify for a jobs visa for work within the United Kingdom (UK). If you are unsure whether the role you are interested in will be qualify for sponsorship, please contact with the official’s on email recruitment@jobs.ba.com who will help you for any consciences.

For more information about UK Government restrictions about work visa please visit the website below. https://www.gov.uk/skilled-worker-visa

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Emerging Talent:

If you apply for apprenticeship position will you need a visa?

Unfortunately there is high volume of applicants British Airways unable to provide you sponsorship for this position. If you require any sponsor for the position they will not provide visa.

For all other visa type you can visit official website of British Airways which link given below:

Click here to check sponsorship visa from UK Government with reference of British Airways

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