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Boombl4 wife video – Boombl4 divorce wife,Boombl4 divorces wife as social media fight turns ugly


Through this article we discuss about a new hot story of a divorce of Boombl4 and his wife .

To know about the complete story read the article fully.

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov is getting divorced from his wife and the drama is spilling out onto social media.

Boombl4 Wife LiQueen Boombl4’s better half, Liqueen, is a Russian blogger and a trained professional.

Her genuine name is Angelika Mikhailova, yet she uses a stage name for herself and is predominantly known.

With practically 50k allies on her Instagram, she has a voice that can influence a mass.

LiQueen ensures that she will tell people the best way to fulfill 100 years of sound and be freed from diseases.

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Adding to it, she highlights being beautiful and as young as possible your entire life.

Boombl4″ Mikhailov has confirmed he has divorced his wife just over six months after proposing to her on the live broadcast at the Stockholm Major.

The love story, which saw the Russian ask Lika “LiQueen” Mikhailova to marry him in the wake of Na’Vi’s win in Sweden, had captivated the Counter-Strike crowd, but looks to have come to a sad and premature end.

For the first time, the relationship between Boombl4 and LiQueen became widely known in the esports community after the former NAVI captain made a marriage proposal to his beloved from the stage of PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

At the beginning of 2022, the couple officially got married. But LiQueen had already announced a divorce from Boombl4 at the end of April.

Still, a day later, they decided to give their relationship a second chance.It’s no secret that after Russia unleashed a w*r with Ukraine, the situation around the NAVI

roster escalated to the limit.

It seemed that the team would be able to emerge unscathed from this nightmare for a while

And His Wife LiQueen Divorce Reason Boombl4 and his better half LiQueen’s partition has been accounted for by the past on his Twitter account.

He says that he was being forced with her different fake photos and accounts close by epic phony information.

He has ensured his family that he will record maligning suits against his ex in a little while.

At last, he expressed thanks to everyone for supporting and sorting him out at this problematic time.

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