Alligator crosses racetrack, leaving horse petrified


    In today’s article we discuss about a new story of an Alligator and horse.When the horse cross suddenly an Alligator came to front on him the horse feel afraid.

    To know about the complete interesting story of a horse and alligator plz keep touch with the whole article.

    The alligator nicknamed “Marty” appeared on the track and a Facebook user, Joe Allen, shared a clip showing the horse getting terrified by the sight.

    An alligator at a racetrack is a rare sight. However, it is not so in Louisiana, US.A horse at Delta Downs racetrack was terrified after a large alligator intruded the space in broad daylight.

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    A Twitter user who responded to the clip shared by wrote, “I think this gator is well known there, they have a name for him and everything.

    ”there are multiple alligators in southwest Louisiana. In similar incidents, alligators were spotted at a racetrack back in 2010.

    Dams and other water bodies around the track make the area more susceptible to alligator presence.Dailymail report said that there are around two million alligators in Louisiana.Recently, a large alligator was spotted swimming in the cool water of a Florida family’s pool.

    The reptile tore through the house’s screen to take a nice dip in the clear water. Photographs surfaced online showing the reptile’s plunge into the water and police officers capturing it.

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