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Hello friends today we came back with information about Alex tolzano. He capture attention by many people. Number of people are searching about Alex tolzano. In this article we are going to explain who is Alex tolzano and why he is trending on social media.

A New York city trustee is already stopped until he was did find reportedly having sexual relations during a basic video blog forum. Alex Tolozano, 53, a Bronx part of the city manager of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), emerged in his Microsoft Teams glass naked was next to a female europe over the past Wednesday, revealed The City. The ask had always been footage filmed by yet another auditor of the NYCHA. The hazy video showed Mr Tolozano with a girl when other workforce wanted to figure out what it was going on. “So he’s laying in the bed,” one of several entrants could be heard telling in the visual. Another contributor could be got to hear hollering: “Oh my God” when the “ women could be seen appears on screen.

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The moving images and thereafter proves Mr Tolozano occuring naked in the movie second later. Other people taking part can just be recorded speaking: “Oh my God! No!” The gathering included within least 50 workers including upper-level supervisors and headteachers of the NYCHA, reports enough that quoted as telling to The City. Officials has during the gathering Mr Tolozano’s camera lens would be on the monitor for “at least two minutes revealing that he was potentially engaged in inappropriate activity with another individual.” In an message assertion Barbara Brancaccio had said Mr Tolzano is already held in jail for 3 month. “NYCHA took swift disciplinary action following this incident by immediately suspending the employee, initiating an investigation and beginning the administrative process for dismissal,” Ms Brancaccio says: “.

Inappropriate interaction, absconding from jobs, and moment victimization are also not sustained at NYCHA so will be met with ideal impacts, “she added. Mr Tolozano has previously faced disciplinary proceedings over work performance issues three times prior to this incident, NYCHA officials said. ” Most tellingly, NYCHA is working so hard to ground in on threat actors and create a culture of conformity, facility, professional standards and appreciate, and then we will not actually enable this disgusting behavior to deter us by our goal or negatively affect or demoralise our truly remarkable workers, “Ms Brancaccio’s statement said.

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