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Zeek Huncho Facebook live stream video Explained


A trending video that make a strom on all social media network has been explained.In a trending video clip we are seeing a black man acting evil act.

To know about the trendy video of a these black man who’s name is Ezekiel Kelly read our article fully.

A black male reportedly identified as 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly livestreamed himself Wednesday on Facebook driving around Memphis and sh*oting strangers at “random.”Disturbing video shows the thug g*

nman sh*oting an unsuspecting white man inside of an AutoZone without warning.

An active shooter named Ezekiel Kelly AKA “Zeek Huncho” randomly sh*t people in multiple locations throughout the city of Memphis.Kelly has a criminal history.

Police shared a picture of the suspect and identified him as a 19-year-old male who was last seen driving a blue or silver car but may now be operating a gray Toyota SUV.

Kelly reportedly kil*ed four people and injured at least three others.

A Twitter user posted a live video on Facebook of the suspect entering the store and sho*ting nearby customers.

In a Facebook Live video Kelly was seen getting out of a car, walking into the AutoZone on Jackson Avenue, and fi*ing sh*s. Later on video was removed from Facebook.

Memphis shooting videos recording on Facebook

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