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Who is Saraya Jade Bevis ? trending videos on social media


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Saraya Jade photos and videos trending on social media like twitter Instagram YouTube.In this article we are going to tell about who is Saraya Jade.

Who is Saraya Jade?

Saraya-Jade Bevis was born on 17 August 1992, known professionally as Paige, and is an English resigned professional wrestler.

Saraya Jade
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Her parents were Patrick Bevis and Julia Hamer-Bevis, who were experienced wrestlers. They also employed the saloon. Moreover, she has a brother named Roy Bevis and half-brother Zak Zodiac are professional wrestlers.

Paige did not need to maintain a career in wrestling at a young age because she stressed the suffering her family tolerated. Hence, she wanted to be a zoologist instead than a wrestler. At 13 years old, Paige began her business as a professional wrestler for the World Association of Wrestling under the word of the ring Britani knight.

Numerous wrestlers have a relationship or a love triangle in some way. Many celebrate a long-lasting relationship, while others end up in a lot of expected lists. It’s valid that Bevis isn’t finally married. Bevis is always the center of attention because of her status as a couple.

Saraya trending videos

Retired women’s champion Paige was at rock ground and was not convinced she wanted to be alive anymore after unclothed photos and video.

She disclosed she didn’t want to be alive anymore and was worrying about how her father would answer to it.

Provided that her first opinions were about how her father would reply, Paige conveyed she called him inside the forest and said that she was so embarrassed.

Saraya said that this instantly changed the way she was thinking. She called her brother, who possessed an identical response. Finally, she concluded well if my family is ok with me also I’m gonna be ok.

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