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Who is Rapper BkbPole? what happened with them


The information about his being racially profiled is currently extensive on the internet. In this article we are going to tell you about BkpPole.and what happened with him.BkpPole photos and videos trending on social media like Twitter Instagram YouTube and Reddit.And why he is Trending on social media.

Rapper BkbPole
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A teenage rapper by the word of BkpPole is nowadays speaking out about an incident in which he claims to have been subjected to racist harassment while riding through the community of a friend.

The two suspects allegedly affected severe defect in the up-and-coming musician, who is only 16 years old, by throwing a large stone through the glass of his car and threatening him.

The teenage rapper donated his followers with an update on the situation by posting a brief video on Instagram, in which he instructed that the individuals accountable be taken into custody and indicted.

The young rapper known as BkbPole announces from Sanford, Florida, and he was subjected to racial harassment while he was running through the area of a friend.

The man broke down his windshield by heaving a huge rock at it, which also effected remote injury to his car.

They said that BkbPole was sharing in classes in the local region.BkbPole shared a video of the incident that took place on Instagram, in which two white males can be listened to crying out at him.

He contended that white people did not like the way he drove and that this earned them worried. Before the authority arrived, the young artist made an undertaking to chill out of the emotional situation. However, the holders in the neighborhood insisted that the rapper withdraws from the area as quickly as possible.

The rapper, who is based in Florida, has circulated nine new posts recently and has 22.4 thousand followers. On his Instagram posts, he continually displays his clothing, especially his shoes and clothes.

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