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Who is blac Chyna – trending photo and videos on social media


The continuing drama regarding Blac Chyna and her ex Rob Kardashian has ramped up, all over again, as the former shed tears while testifying on the witness stand.

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Blac Chyna broke down in tears at the same time as she testified against Rob Kardashian. They went returned to court docket on Thursday, April 21 to continue the trial. Chyna revealed that her ex allegedly leaked nude pics of her on social media. It all started out when the Kardashian defense lawyer, Michael Rhodes, brought up the photographs.

After having the “evidence,” which covered Blac Chyna’s restraining order, the attorney asked her if the submitting was a exposure stunt.“It turned into the best way I ought to stop him from posting pictures of me on the net,” Chyna stated while crying profusely. She also testified that she wasn’t seeking out headlines whilst she went on precise Morning america the day after filing the restraining order. “i used to be already public. I’m speculated to just not say some thing and take it? I wanted anyone to listen my facet of the tale. He posted inappropriate photos of my entire body.”

Rob published those photographs on his Instagram again in July 2017, even going to this point as to repost them after they had been removed from the popular social media platform.After composing herself at the witness stand, Chyna spoke back different questions concerning the breakup and a dispute about while the actual relationship really ended.This has been the maximum emotion shown from Blac Chyna for the reason that trial began.

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