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Who is Addison Rae? All About Addison Rae career, age, bio, TikTok


Addison Rae Easterling (born October 6,2000) is just an American artist, twitter and facebook identity, performer and musician. In August 2020, Rae used to be called as the highest-earning TikTok personal style by Forbes. Her adulation included the Streamy Award of four candidacy, and additional candidacy for two People’s Choice Awards and three Kids’ Choice Awards.

In July 2019, Rae started actually post a video on TikTok, where her gyrating video content exploded in popularity; as of March 22,2022, she has accumulated over 120 million believers on TikTok, creating her the fourth most-followed human on the framework. In 2021, she launched her debut “Obsessed” and managed to make her lead role in the Netflix actual movie he’s All That, a gender-swapped new adaptation of the 1999 cinematic She’s All That.

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Early life

Addison Rae Easterling had always been born and bred in Lafayette, Louisiana to folks Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling. Through her man, she is that of Spanish descendant. [clarification required] Rae has three teenage boys, Enzo Lopez and Lucas Lopez. Addison’s mothers previously separated when she was super young both were on and off on throughout her babyhood before divorcing in 2017. Both mothers ’ and fathers both have their own occurrence on TikTok; Monty has 5 million devotees and Sheri has 14 million believers.

Rae began dancing competitive games at the age of 6 where she participated contest across the national. Before traveling to Los Angeles to undertake her TikTok vocation, the performer fleetingly participated Louisiana State University (LSU) where she explored sports broadcasting in the slip and then lowered outside when she managed to receive fame on TikTok.


Addison Rae first merged TikTok in July 2019, file sharing waltz short video to trending tracks on the framework. She has so far been component to the Hype House, a TikTok group, since its structure in December 2019. In just a few months, Rae acquired across one thousand subscribers on TikTok and opted to abandon LSU in November. “I remember that’s when it changed for me,” Rae told Business Insider in April 2020. “I knew I wanted to take it more seriously and expand it to other platforms. I uploaded a video to YouTube and got really active on Instagram.” She approved with advertising agency WME in January 2020, also with her mothers ’ and fathers. In this very same month, Addison cleared a podcast series just to Spotify with her parents called “Mama Knows Best” in July 2020 encompassing themes protecting their individual career social lives. Addison has debuted her anyone else’s cosmetic industry edge, Item Beauty with her as the involvement of Chief Innovation Officer which she co-founded with Madeby Collective, and she monitors plenty of the brands in the trademark.

Rae starred in He’s All That, a remake film of the 1999 teen comedy She’s All That. Her role was inspired by Freddie Prinze Jr.’s character Zachary Siler from the original. The film was released on Netflix in August 2021 and though it was the most streamed film of its week, it received negative reviews from critics. Courtney Howard for Variety magazine wrote that “Rae has a natural ease and charm, at her best when she’s either leaning into the bubbly, comedic, satirical overtones, or performing in a heavily choreographed dance-off. However, she’s a little rough around the edges and not quite a confident presence when tasked to mine emotional poignancy, especially evident in the third act.” Rae subsequently signed a deal with Netflix.

Personal life

In October 2020, Rae acknowledged she was already in a correlation with TikToker Bryce Hall through twitter and facebook articles. However, they parted ways the following year. In January 2021, Rae donated her $1 million in prize pool from winning an all-star Mario Tennis Aces contest termed the Stay At Home Slam to the donation No Kid Hungry.

Public image

Forbes published a report in August 2020 revealing that Rae earned $5 million in the last year through June from her various endorsement deals and merchandise, making her the highest-earning TikTok star. Rae’s TikTok success has led her to work with companies such as Reebok, L’Oréal, Hollister and American Eagle. In July 2020, she partnered with American Eagle on the brand’s campaign of #AExME Back to School ’20 ads as the brand did their first virtual photoshoot that encompasses Addison shots in her bedroom due to the pandemic.

In New York City, during the continuing COVID-19 superbug, after performing on Fallon’s display, Rae did wear what gave the impression to be a gameboy advance windows protective mask that aficionados derided in not being defensive enough in the strain of the virus. During a UFC tussle in July 2021, Addison Rae stood up from her saddle to say hello past president Donald Trump, leading to suppositions that she funded him. Even farther refuelling the suppositions, she did not address queries regarding her help for the past president. An independent report by BuzzFeed into her liked posts on twitter did find that she liked so many messages assisting Trump in 2016, as well as one asking customers to “like” the post on twitter if they aided Trump. But that said, an indicative for Addison Rae alleged that the liked twitter messages were a glitch.

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