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Who Is __February23 – Baton Rouge Woman Stabbed On Facebook


A man arrested in the fatal sh**ting target on a “ women that has been streamed on twitter and facebook, security forces in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says: “ Tuesday. Janice David, 34, used to be found dead in a motor soon before 10 p. M. Yesterday after sheriff’s department discovered about the Facebook Live youtube clip and educated neighborhood parliamentary seats, Baton Rouge law enforcers said it in an assertion.

Image source twitter.

Earl Lee Johnson Jr., 35, was in custody in a stolen car case Monday when officials learned of the video and found David’s body, police Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr. told reporters.

” Someone saw the video, notified Facebook, Facebook then notified state police, “McKneely says: “, per the visual from NBC franchisee WVLA of Baton Rouge. McKneely explained the movie as” very gruesome “then said Johnson openly admitted to the shooting. He seemed to be imprisoned on a pay of first-degree death, authorities stated “. It also wasn’t entirely obvious whether Johnson had an advocate who might say a word on his rights and the rights Tuesday dinner. He was also being granted bail, as per web federal prison registers.

Investigators imagine there had been some organisation between David and Johnson, McKneely stated “. The enquiry had always been continuing Tuesday, security forces stated “. Investigators assume that the two must have spent roughly a few days together but the opioids were perhaps entangled, McKneely told reporters.

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