What is TechRadar? And how does it work


    TechRadar is an online publication focused on technology, with editorial teams in the US, UK, Australia and India. It provides news and reviews of tech products and gadgets. It was launched in 2010 and expanded to the US in January of 2012, holding a splashy launch party at the club Tao in The Venetian Hotel during the CES show in 2013. It is the largest consumer technology, news and review site from the UK as of 2013.

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    TechRadar Pro, an arm of the main site, is a b2b-focused property with an emphasis on small business. The subbrand “acts as a complementary source of information targeted specifically at businesses and decision makers,” the company says. A related property, 5GRadar.com, is focused on the mobile industry.

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    The newest brand extension — TechRadar Gaming, or TRG — was launched Dec. 17, 2021 and aims to “sit at intersection of hardware and gaming, leveraging strengths of existing brands to bring the best experience to gaming audience.” The Editor in Chief is Julian Benson. The company described a related hiring spree for the site as “the biggest investment in gaming in a decade.”

    TechRadar is owned by Future plc the sixth-largest publisher in the United Kingdom . In Q4 2017, TechRadar entered the top 100 of Similarweb’s US Media Publications Rankings as the 93rd biggest media site in the United States.

    What is the purpose

    The TechRadar is a tool to inspire and support Engineering teams at Zalando to pick the best technologies for new projects; it provides a platform to share knowledge and experience in technologies, to reflect on technology decisions and continuously evolve our technology landscape. Based on the pioneering work of ThoughtWorks, our Tech Radar sets out the changes in technologies that are interesting in software development changes that we think our engineering teams should pay attention to and use in their projects.

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