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What is Software? Top 8 Trending Software Development Technologies in 2022


Software is a set of computer programs and associated documentation and data. This is in contrast to hardware , from which the system is built and which actually performs the work.

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An online business platform i.e. a website or a mobile app can be your top bet to compete in the global marketplace. And this is why hiring software developers is critical for your business. So to hire the right tech talent or build a team of experts, you need to be aware of the top and trending development technologies. Here’s our list of trending development technologies for 2022.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top development trends that will dominate the software and mobile development trends in 2022.

1. Native App Development

For those who are curious about what Native App development is, here’s a brief introduction: A Native app is a software application that is built for a specific platform in a specific language, be it an iOS app or Android. Its counterpart, ‘hybrid apps,’ means the application is built to work across multiple platforms.

It’s no surprise that native app development will gain momentum, especially in fintech/banking, multimedia, and other industries with a demand for flawless performance. Native app development provides an enhanced user experience and powerful performance. Since mobile usage is becoming more common and enhancing user experience is the top priority for businesses, initiative app development is expected to gain more traction.

2. Progressive Web Apps

The difference between traditional websites and Progressive web apps is quite clear in terms of their functionality. Websites are easier to access while web apps can provide broader functionalities and top performance by embracing platform-specific hardware support. Some of the prominent features of PWAs are; 

  • Progressive

These apps work for every user, regardless of the browser and your location. So whichever browser you are using, doesn’t matter, PWAs will work.

  • Responsive

PWAs can fit any device. Be it a desktop, a mobile, or any other device.

3. Big Data Computation Hadoop Map Reduce to Apache Spark

Earlier, the Hadoop Map Reduce framework was utilized to compute large-scale datasets. However, it has some limitations and Apache Spark targeted these limitations of Hadoop Map-Reduce. The main feature that distinct Spark from Hadoop is its ability to process everything in the memory instead of storing data after every operation. And due to this it rapidly took over distributed batch jobs and will rule over the batch processing framework in 2021 and afterward.

4. Angular, React, NodeJS The Powerhouse Of Software Development

NodeJS, React and Angular 2+ remained the top three frameworks used in 2020. And experts predict that these frameworks will stay for a sequel in 2022. Here’s how these powerhouses of software development can help you in software development.

RaactJS allows you to write less code and the implementation of virtual DOM allows for enhanced performance. It is the most common choice of JavaScript Framework developers. 

Angular framework allows simple routing which gives it an edge over other front-end development frameworks. It helps to build compelling user interfaces.

NodeJS is considered a go-to framework for fast and scalable networking applications. It is fast and lightweight and is extensively in use. 

These three are the most used frameworks in 2020 and will continue the showdown in 2022.

5. Cross platform and Hybrid Deployment

To deliver a mobile experience to the users, native apps aren’t the only option, you can go with a hybrid and rely on web technologies and browser rendering. Or you can also enjoy the benefits of cross-platform tools i.e. React Native and Flutter. It’s important to understand that hybrid and cross-platform apps are not the same. They only share one common feature which is code shareability. Anyhow, cross-platform web development will remain one of the prominent software development trends in 2022 as well.

6. Cloud Computing Technologies

Cloud computing is commonly running workloads remotely over the internet in a commercial data center.  It has become an ideal way of deploying enterprise applications and even those who have already built systems are moving their infrastructure to clouds.

While cloud services like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure are expected to continue making money in 2022, cloud technologies and services such as deployment or transferring data to clouds will also make big bucks. Cloud experts will be higher in demand. Amazon AWS full stack web development services will continue to see growth in their business Due to the increasing demand for fast access and data security, every business from small startups to conservative businesses like healthcare providers, government institutes, etc is turning to cloud vendors and this trend will only grow in 2022.

7. Low Code Deployment and Outsourcing

A decade ago, creating any type of digital solution took large and dedicated teams of software engineers and architects.  It was very expensive and a privilege for big businesses. However, outsourcing and low code deployment trends have simplified complex programming languages. Small and medium businesses can hire dedicated teams of developers. Be it in any stack ranging from web developers to data engineers and cloud computing experts. Similarly, low code platforms Query Surge, Power BI, and Docker help businesses avoid a lot of work and provide simple interfaces to build new apps at a low investment of money, time, and specific skills.

8. JAVA, Kotlin, and Scala An Old but Classy Trio

JAVA programming is one of the most prominent and used software development languages. And due to the large number of enterprise applications designed in Java, it will continue to dominate the market in 2022. Java’s runtime, Java Virtual Machine, or otherwise known as JVM offers an excellent foundation for JAVA as well as other programming languages like Scala and Kotlin. However, due to a change in the JVM license, businesses will now have to pay a large subscription fee. And this may lead to a shift to other major platforms in the future. But for 2022, the classy old trio isn’t going anywhere.

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