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The inevitable downfall of Debanhi Escobar is as of now pulling the attention of the realm. A video recorded at 6: 00 a. M. On the 9th of April by an Alcosa organization surveillance video opinions Debanhi Escobar resembling the infrastructure of the corporation but then just walking towards the Nueva Castilla Motel, where his body was recovered on Thursday. In the 55-second movie, about which Groupo REFORMA seemed to have connectivity, Susana Bazaldua and Mario Escobar, mothers ’ and fathers of the 18-year-old daughter, are viewed assessing the photograph in Alcosa next Monday, when the governmental fulfilled an exploration of the infrastructure.

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Video De Debanhi Escobar Caminando

As per the copy given that day by the official of the State Prosecutor, Debanhi attained at 04: 30 on 9th April 2022, and went upstairs where the guard’s booth is located, on the Laredo Highway, in Escobedo. 5 minutes sooner, he discussed, the UANL justice system colored part of the eye seemed to have personally got outside an implementation car service a few meters from the solutions provider, on Carretera a Laredo and Via este Numancia after having visited a party in a closeby farmhouse considered El Diamante. In the incredibly popular pictures it can be viewed Debanhi looking out the door but, not focusing on finding anyone, he did leave in the direction of the Nueva Castilla Motel, which again is nearly 110 meters from the organization.

De Debanhi Escobar Caminando Video Twitter

At that time, the security officer was just not display at the booth because he was monitoring the deviation of the tractor-trailer, as disclosed by Alcosa through the remark. The cadaver of the lady used to be placed at 06: 00 PM on Thursday in a storage reservoir of the Nueva Castilla Motel. Until already, this is the primary moving images that was authorised about the Debanhi trial, whilst the Office of Prosecutor alleges that it has more than 50 videos, but it can’t and are posted so to not impact the judicial oversight of the spacecraft.

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