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True Geordie video trending on social media


True Geordie photos and videos trending on Twitter and social media like Instagram and YouTube. In this article we are going to tell about True Geordie. Why he is famous on social media.

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True Geordie
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True Geordie born was born on 26 January 1987 in Newcastle. He developed up and lived in England with his family. Developing has always had deep attention in soccer and has always been a large fan of Newcastle.

He is a high school graduate, he finished high school found in England. He again got on to follow a university, name withheld. He is nowadays single and lives in England. He loves to eat Italian food.

He started up his online career when he started a YouTube channel. He uploaded her first video titled True Geordie’s View On Nile Ranger, in the video, he indicated his views on popular English footballer Nile Ranger.

His name Geordie relates to the name associated with people from the Newcastle region.

Later his first podcast, he started up making many more podcasts like, Let Your Sister Have fun, Neighbors From hell, and many others.

The video came to be very outstanding, in almost a few days and it has gained over 1.5 million opinions.

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