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Top 8 Mobile App Development Technologies in 2022

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In this digital era, smartphone apps have become crucial in our lives. From health monitoring to navigation, we have apps for everything. To make a strong and successful app on the PlayStore or App Store, a mobile application development services provider must examine a myriad of aspects. One of them is selecting the appropriate technology for custom mobile application development. To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top 8 mobile app development technologies in 2022.

Here are the top 8 mobile app development technologies in 2022:

1. Python

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Python is a popular language used by developers all over the world to create various types of mobile applications. This open source language is easy to grasp. A programmer with only basic programming knowledge can learn the language and use it to create a mobile application.

Python is a portable programming language with built-in debuggers to enable faultless development. Python also provides GUI programming outreach, community engagement, a variety of frameworks and libraries, and a variety of other capabilities to ensure smooth and speedy development. It is mostly used to create feature-rich and accessible web applications in a short period of time.

Examples of Python app development: Pinterest, Instagram, SurveyMonkey, and YouTube.

2. Java

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This object-oriented programming language has received too much attention. This simple and secure language is the primary language for developing Android applications. Java has a plethora of open-source frameworks, comprehensive documentation, and community engagement, allowing developers to create all types of Android applications quickly and easily.

Examples of Java app development: Telegram, VLC media player, and SeaWeather.

3. Flutter

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Flutter is an open-source mobile application development software development kit developed by Google that allows developers to construct cross-platform applications. You may create an application that operates nicely on both the Android and iOS platforms by utilizing Flutter. People nowadays prefer cross-platform apps to native programs that run just on a single platform, hence the technology is popular.

Examples of Flutter app development: Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, and Reflectly.

4. React Native

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React Native, created by Facebook, is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform apps for Web, iOS, Android, and UWP. The apps created with React Native have native-like characteristics. They can be run on different platforms.

Developers utilize ReactJS and JavaScript to construct applications that have skyrocketed in popularity across several platforms.

Examples of React Native app development: Myntra, UberEats, Facebook, and Airbnb.

5. Swift

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Apple Inc. created Swift, a general purpose programming language, for macOS, Linux, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and a few more systems. The language works primarily with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms, as well as C and Objective C code built specifically for the development of iOS apps.

Swift employs a secure programming pattern and provides remarkable capabilities to facilitate the entire iOS mobile application development process.

Examples of Swift app development: LinkedIn, Lyft, and Hipmunk.

6. Kotlin

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Kotlin is used to create sophisticated mobile applications. This cross-platform, statistically coded, general-purpose programming language might be thought of as the current equivalent of Java. It is completely compliant with Java and was designed specifically for the JVM.

Because of its reliability, clarity, and comprehensive tool support, Kotlin is a widely used programming language for developing Android apps.

Examples of Swift app development: Trello, Coursera, and Evernote.

7. R Programming

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The language lends itself well to machine learning and data analysis. It  is also used for broad statistics computation and graphics. This platform-independent language has extensive built-in libraries and also frameworks to make mobile app development simple, faultless, and effortless. Developers may use R programming to design sophisticated and comprehensive machine learning techniques that can train themselves further.

8. Xamarin

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Xamarin is a popular mobile application development framework that runs on .Net. Microsoft created this native technology. As a cross-platform and open source application development platform, Xamarin provides a development ecosystem that includes a backend, API, modules, and so on. It is a formalized paraphrase. Various tools, frameworks, and coding languages are supported by the Net developer platform.

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