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Luis zarate video twitter – video de luis zarate


The Olimpia defenders will be the protagonists of an intimate video that has gone viral in the last few hours. It will be Luis Zárate, who was a figure in yesterday’s match against Guaraní. In social networks, the repercussions are immediate, considering that the woman with whom he has se##al relations will not be his official partner.

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One of the most interesting clues is the tattoo on the left arm of the man from the shooting, which is very similar to the player’s tattoo. “Luis Zárate can do what he wants with his private life as long as it doesn’t affect his performance on the field. He’s a f****g heretic, but he’s our fucking heretic,” @jara_emanuel7 Say tweeted. “Louis Zárate is very coordinated, he shows determination and a lot of drive, and as a footballer he is great,” said @El_ODD. When someone wants to talk to me about Ña Ñeca but the gossip of the moment is about Luis Zarate.

Olympia coach Julio César Cáceres has praised his young defender Luis Zárate, who has maintained the remarkable growth of football since entering Serie A. However, he highlighted one of his weaknesses, which led him to make some mistakes. .

Luis Zárate is going to be a great defender and we are going to polish him. He is tall, he is calm, he has game. It is not an immaculate centre-back. But you have to be more aggressive in s****l marking, because sometimes it’s good and sometimes trust is bad,” he argued in a 970 a chat. m. with VERSUS radio.

He often tells her not to give anyone a chance. Those are the lessons that I have learned and I try to pass them on,” he added.“Today he is consolidating and our constant conversations also help him, with the advice of Antolín Alcaraz, and all the experience he has had. I’m glad it’s growing. They are a promise in our football, like the ‘Pulpito’ (Duarte) is from Cerro Porteño,” he said.

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