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Lt Stabbing Video


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Lt Stabbing
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Lt is the term for the patient who was stabbed in the channel during an uprising at a metro site. We have seen the trend stabbing video on Twitter.

We tell you to keep up away from the video as it includes emotional topics and annoying visuals. 

Still, he was also poured to a clinic in Brisbane but all went in vain as he existed pronounced lifeless.

According to the video, three men flooded Laurie during the uprising, and short a man stabbed his neck outstanding to which Laurie fell to the ground of the Valley metro site and chop down into a pool.

This accident occurred at Valley metro site in the ahead hours of Monday morning. According to the Brisbane law office, two organizations were comprised in an uprising and Laurie was one of the two groups’ partners.

Sadly the 24 years old young man is no more as he lived stabbed to passing by a 20 years aged man.

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