Latest price of Toyota cars after rate hike


    Indus Motor Company , the maker of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, increased prices on CKD vehicles lineup in the range of Rs280,000-Rs1,210,000, citing “massively changing market conditions and increasing landscape” for the rate hike.

    “Due to economic uncertainties and inflation in raw material cost, the vendor cost of production has significantly increased,” the company said in a notice sent to the dealer principals, chief executive officers and dealer head of sales.

    The automaker further cited the volatile situation of forex, the increase in utilities and overheads as major factors that impacted the cost of manufacturing for the company.

    “Thus, this situation has made it extremely difficult for IMC to hold the current retail selling prices and therefore, we are compelled to pass on some impact to the market.

    Toyota Corolla

    VariantsOld PricesNews PricesDifference
    Corolla 1.6 MTRs4,569,000Rs4,939,000Rs370,000
    Corolla 1.6 CVT Rs4,979,000Rs5,369,000Rs390,000
    Corolla 1.6 CVT UPSPEC Rs5,479,000Rs5,909,000Rs430,000
    Corolla 1.8 CVT SR Rs5,709,000Rs6,169,000Rs460,000
    Corolla 1.8 CVT SR Rs5,749,000Rs6,209,000Rs460,000

    Toyota Yaris

    VariantsOld PricesNews PricesDifference
    YARIS 1.3 MTRs3,539,000Rs3,819,000Rs280,000
    YARIS 1.3 CVTRs3,769,000Rs4,069,000Rs300,000
    YARIS 1.3 H MT Rs3,729,000Rs4,039,000Rs310,000
    YARIS 1.3 H CVTRs3,929,000Rs4,239,000Rs310,000
    YARIS 1.5 MTRs4,009,000Rs4,339,000Rs330,000
    YARIS 1.5 CVTRs4,259,000Rs4,609,000Rs350,000

    Toyota Hilux Revo

    VariantsOld PricesNews Prices Difference
    REVO V ATRs10,599,000Rs11,429,000Rs830,000
    REVO V AT ROCCORs11,179,000Rs12,049,000Rs870,000

    Toyota Fortuner

    VariantsOld PricesNews PricesDifference
    FORTUNER LO PETROLRs11,579,000Rs12,509,000Rs930,000
    FORTUNER HIGH PETROLRs13,259,000Rs14,319,000Rs1,060,000
    FORTUNER DIESELRs13,969,000Rs15,099,000Rs1,130,000
    FORTUNER DIESEL LEGENDERRs14,699,000Rs15,909,000Rs1,210,000

    The auto industry has been badly affected in recent months, with companies shutting down production plants because of the unavailability of imported raw material and restrictions imposed by the government to curb imports.

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