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Ivy Reneau On Snapchat & Facebook: Oklahoma Middle School Teacher Arrested- Why


We are going to tell about Ivy Reneau.Ivy Reneau is a Oklahoma middle school teacher.lvy Reneau photos and videos trending on social media. Why lvy Reneau on Snapchat photos and videos trending on social media like twitter Instagram YouTube and Reddit.

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Oklahoma Middle School Teacher

A 28-year-old middle school teacher faces charges after allegedly sending photos and an inappropriate video to a student.

Ivy Reneau
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Ivy Reneau was charged with one count of using technology to in communication for with a minor. The teacher, who worked for Midwest City Middle School, met a 16-year-old student at the soccer field where he practiced with his high school team.Reneau allegedly worked as the assistant coach for the middle school team.

Police told that Reneau believed the student liked her and wanted to watch her run. She began messaging the student on Snapchat, where she sent the explicit media.

Reneau eventually admitted to sending the inappropriate photos and video, but she denied that the two had a physical relationship.

16-year-old student showed the photos to a friend and said he was supposed to have physical relationship with Reneau.

But he ended up blackmailing her instead, asking her for money to not disclose what had happened.

The student told the teacher it would ruin her career. Reneau allegedly sent $120 to the student over three separate days.

The superintendent of Schools said, District officials were notified of an alleged relationship between a staff member and a student.

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Ivy Reneau On Snapchat

The staff member is no longer employed by Mid-Del Schools, and we have worked closely with the family of the student .

The court documents allege that Reneau then added the teen on Snapchat.The investigation began after a faculty member over heard the teen telling his friends that,he had been sent pictures by a teacher. The faculty member reported the incident to the school administration.

The court documents allege that Reneau sent the teen a picture of herself topless and another photo of her posing in front of the mirror sideways with no clothes on. She also allegedly sent an inappropriate video.

Is Middle School Teacher Arrested?

Reneau has not been taken into custody. People confirms that she faces one felony charge of using technology to engage in communication for interest with a minor. She has not yet entered the case, and it’s unclear if she has retained an attorney authorized to speak on her behalf.

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