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Gianluca Vacchi trending photos & Videos On social media


In this article we are going to tell about Gianluca Vacchi. Gianluca Vacchi photos & videos trending on social media like twitter Instagram YouTube and Reddit. And why he is trend on social media.

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Who is Gianluca Vacchi?

Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian businessman and social media celebrity. He was born on August 5, 1967 in Bologna Italy.

Due to his luxury lifestyle, he is also known as Grandpa Playboy. Gianluca is president of Societa Europea Autocaravan.

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His father is the CEO of Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A, which is a multinational company.

Gianluca also managed his family business and worked as a Non-Executive Director of I.M.A- Industria Machine Automatiche.

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He also worked as a financer in many offices. Gianluca did his graduation from Università di Bologna.

Gianluca was engaged to Melissa Sato, but they broke up after some time. He started dating Giorgia Gabriele. They also broke up. Other than this Gianluca is also famous on social media.

He became famous after his funny & weird dancing videos which he uploads on YouTube. He has more than 14.7 million followers on his Instagram account.

He also has around 60k followers on his Twitter account. His height is 5 feet 8 inches and his weight is around 77 kg. His eye color is blue and his hair color is white. Gianluca has a net worth of around $450 million.

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Gianluca Vacchi trending videos

The video, netizens have started to search for Gianluca Vacchi. His name has been trending on almost every platform. The user remains active on several social media platforms and makes money through his videos and latest photos. 

The video has even been deleted from some platforms already. However, the viewers can reportedly watch it on Twitter and Reddit.

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