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Famed Battle Rapper Pat Stay Stab*ed to Demise Video Goes Trending on Twitter


Stay Stab*ed demise story is now became a trendy story on different social media accounts.To know about his demise keep touch with our article.

Who is Stay Stabbed?

Stay Sta*bed a famous rapper star.He was 36 years old.

Stay Demise,

Pay Stay, a well-known battle rapper, was fatally sta*bed. The 36-year-old songwriter was regarded as one of the top battle rappers in the industry. The violent event occurred over the weekend in Nova Scotia, Canada on Sunday morning (Sept. 4).

Stay brother statement,

Although Stay’s brother, Pete, told CBC that Stay was the fight’s victim, the news has not yet been formally confirmed by the authorities.

When Stay was taken to the hospital, police reportedly arrived at the scene just after midnight. He later passed away from his wounds.

Stay new song on YouTube,

Stay, who was from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has a sizable social media fan base. Stay published a brand-new song on YouTube two days before the sta*bing called “The Game DISS,” in which the rapper The Game is criticized.

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