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Bobrisky’s PA OYE KYME VIDEO trending On Social Media


In this article we are going to tell about Oye Kyme video – Bobrisky PA Oye Kyme Video. why she is trending on social media.

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Who is Oye Kyme ?

Oye Kyme the well-known former private assistant of Nigerian transgender character Bobrisky began circulating on the Internet and now she has come out in public to cry over the scenario.

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Oye Kyme born July 20th.The fans of Oye Kyme were really shocked when she revealed that,she is going to be joining the industry.

She is a very well-known model on Instagram who currently has more than one hundred fifty thousand followers.

She went on her Instagram and began writing that she by no means anticipated that such a Video would come on-trend in her personal nation and she or he can not even exit.

Such movies are irritating and it has a nasty impact on the mentality of celebrities.

She has many videos and photographs available.she is looking really awesome and gorgeous.she is going to be joining and making some really videos in the future.

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She wants to express herself in acting and she really wants to explore some other professional career,

Bobrisky is well-known for her work on Instagram and Snapchat and she or he is producing actually fascinating movies. She is presently 31 years previous she was born in 1991 she accomplished her schooling on the University of Lagos.

She is now quitting Modelling and join in this industry.she also recently celebrating on Instagram with their followers her first video was released.


According to the survey, a piece of news is quickly becoming trending on the internet. It’s unclear which form of video is going trend on the internet and attracting people’s attention.

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The most talked-about topics on the Internet.she quickly attained the publicity,she wanted and now she’s going to kick start her career.

She is also very keen on starting account for posting some footage of herself behind the scenes.

Oye Kyme became Bobrisky after she tattooed him on her body to show her loyalty and how much.

she loves him and Bobrisky appreciating her for that took her in but things went bad between them ending their relationship.

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