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Art Of Zoo Video trending on social media


Art of the zoo is a topic that people are searching on Google. It’s when you do a search for art of the zoo.

If you are a TikTok user, you might have seen the ‘art of the zoo’ popping up on your ‘For You’ page.

In the last year, memes have gone trey. They get this way because when you Google the phrase, the answer is usually funny.

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People go to why were chainsaws invented ?and find out that it was actually to help with childbirth ,But TikTokers reacted to this video by saying that it is disturbing.

Art Of Zoo trending videos

When you Google ‘art of the zoo,’ you will find pictures and videos of animals. Here are some of the reactions.Other people have this person for laughing in the video.

Art Of Zoo Video
Image source google

As you’ve been scrolling down your TikTok ‘For You’ page recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of videos related to ‘Art of the Zoo’.

After you see for yourself the term makes a lot more sense, I personally didn’t know what this was when I first saw the term.


This trend became popular mainly because of the reactions people had when they saw what it was. Although it might seem mean or strange to horrify someone close to you by showing them what it is and recording their reaction.

It was a good idea and those reaction videos did amuse me as well.

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