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Amusement Park Video | Roller Coaster Accident in Aarhus


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Amusement Park Video
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A 14-year-old girl disappeared Thursday at an outstanding amusement garden in northern Denmark, the officer told, reportedly when the back portion of a roller-coaster passage appeared on the walls.

Henrik administrator of the Tivoli hobby park in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest town, told the local magazine, Aarhus, that the back two seats of the Cobraen roller-coaster were attached under the vehicle line.

Travelers in the Tivoli Friheden park in Aarhus who arrived with their households to have a good time were attached with a great surprise and trauma when a happening cloudy all the pleased minutes occurring approximately.

The accident occurred on rollercoaster transportation when the back part of the convoy or the back two seats severed away from the sleep of the train and were left drooping.

Still, the park supervision has been obtaining objections on social media and few people think it was an outcome of their bad error as a comparable emergency occurred as well on the same rollercoaster transportation. It is stable to conclude that there is some engineering mistake in the ride.

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