Admissions Open for Ph.D 2021- University of Engineering and Technology Lahore


    100 years of academic excellence:

    The only university which is ranked on the world’s most popular universities in engineering and technology.

    The University of Engineering and Technology Lahore is a worldwide education institution which is ranked all time and considered as highly demanding degrees in the world. The history of University of Engineering and Technology Lahore proves their performance. For the bright future it’s paying a high contribution.

    The University invites applications for admission in PhD programs for following subjects.

    Area in which you can apply:

    1. Faculty of Architecture and planning.

    a. Ph.D City and Regional Planning b. Ph.D Architecture

    2. Faculty of Chemical Engineering

    a. Ph.D Chemical engineering

    b. Ph.D Metallurgical & Materials Engg.

    c. Ph.D Polymer Science and Engg.

    3. Faculty of Civil Engineering

    a. Ph.D Civil Engineering

    b. Ph.D Environmental Engineering

    c. Ph.D Transportation Engineering

    4. Center of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering (CEWRE)

    a. Ph.D Engineering Hydrology

    b. Ph.D Water Resources Engineering

    c. Ph.D Water Resources Management

    5. Faculty of Earth Sciences & Engineering a. Ph.D Geological Engineering

    b. Ph.D Petroleum & Gus Engineering c. Mining Engineering

    6. Faculty of Electrical engineering

    a. Ph.D Electrical Engineering b. Ph.D Computer Science c. Ph.D Computer Engineering

    7. Faculty of Mechanical engineering

    a. Ph.D Engineering Management

    b. Ph.D Manufacturing Engineering

    c. Ph.D Mechanical Engineering

    d. PhD Mechatronics & Control Engineering

    8. Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanistics and Islamic Studies

    a. Ph.D Mathematics

    b. Ph.D Chemistry

    c. Ph.D Physics

    d. Ph.D Business Administration and Management e. Ph.D Islamic Studies


    No tuition fee will be charged from full time Ph.D students who may be offered a stipend after approval of their topic. Ph.D candidates will be eligible for a stipend if their CGPA, in graduation course work is at least 3.5 out of 4.0.


    Candidates must have earned 16 Years B.Sc,B.E, B.S degree, or equivalent in the relevant discipline in first division or with the CGPA 3.0 out of maximum of 4.0. In case the applicant’s transcript shows percentage as well as CGPA, CGPA would be considered for eligibility. CGPA on a scale other than 4.0 would be translated accordingly.

    Fully Funded Education:

    University of Engineering and Technology Lahore provide full scholarship for the students who may have great past education history. The candidate’s who have earned 3.5 CGPA out of 4.0 in their last masters program university will provide less tuition fee scholarships.

    Admissions Open for Ph.D 2021
    Admissions Open for Ph.D 2021

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