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Adam Levine cheating scandal with Alyson Rose and Maryka


Maryka Adam Levine | Comedian Maryka Instagram.

Adam Levine cheating scandal: Alyson Rose and Maryka
Image source Twitter

Two young and famous social media influencers named Maryka and Alyson Rose, have accused Adam Levine of sending them flirty messages. The two women recently posted screenshots of their alleged conversation with the Maroon 5 singer. The messages in those screenshots were sent from Adam Levine.

Before these two women Sumner Stroh on TikTok video from Monday, September 19, where the Instagram model revealed that she and Levine had been in a year-long relationship, despite the latter being married.

Adam Levine is married and his wife is expecting third child.

Adam Levine cheating scandal
image source Twitter

Maroon5 singer Adam Levine has been caught flirting with lots of women on #Instagram.Starting from model Sumner Stroh who came forward first, followed by influencer Alyson Rosef and Maryka, and even his own yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel.

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